Loudspeakers for professional use

UX Pro Audio is a high-end manufacturer and development company of professional loudspeaker systems. We aim for high quality, ease of use and a long life of the products.


Dutch Quality in professional audio

Sound Quality

High sound quality can be found in all our products, it’s the most important reason behind all component, configuration and material choices.

Both lab-tests and listening sessions were used to achieve the perfect sound.

The best materials and construction

Extensive research has been done to select the best materials for every application.

The cabinets are all made of very durable, profiled, waterproof birch 18 mm. multi (13)ply wooden cabinet. 

The wooden cabinets are finished with polyurea waterproof coating.

All products are fully mounted with stainless steel, all metric screw-thread.

User Experience

Our name UX Pro Audio is derived from the user experience abbreviation (UX). Not without reason, our systems are easy to use and set up.

Many real-life tests have been done to create the enclosures in a way that they’re easy to handle, i.e. the dividing of component weight so the handles are at the ideal positions.