UX Pro Audio Supercluster audio system
UX Pro Audio Supercluster line-array system

Supercluster line-array touring system

The Supercluster is a high-end line-array touring system, made with the highest possible quality standards in mind.

The compact aluminium monocoque enclosure makes it possible to use the Supercluster in a single set-up, like line-arrays, but also in a cluster set-up, making the system very versatile to use.


Ultimate long distance reach

With the compact, patent pending, multi driver wave-guide, the Supercluster system is unique in it’s broad and long distance reach. It’s specifically designed to get the complete frequency range at long distances.


With the largest high-frequency dome surface area per meter this system is one of a kind. Less delay towers are needed, meaning quicker build-up and less hassle.

Conventional vs Supercluster line-array system


The wave-guide is designed for efficient positioning of the compression drivers. It’s possible to place 3 drivers with an exterior diameter of 106 mm. in a row, and place 3 rows on top of each other with a total height of 340 mm. for 9 drivers.

This is achieved with a, patent pending, geometric shape of the wave-guide channels. Each channel ends on top of each other for good high frequency conduction.


This makes long throw distance reach with low distortions and flat frequency response possible.

UX Pro Audio single ported waveguide
UX Pro Audio compression driver CD3


High-end compression drivers 
for crystal clear sound

This specially tailored professional high-end compression drivers provide crystal clear sound.

The Supercluster touring system is provided with nine of these drivers to make great frequency range possible while keeping a very compact size.

Read more about our compression driver »

Line-array use or cluster set-up

This enclosure is designed to create good audio-field circumstances with lobbing reduced to a minimum, while maintaining a wide angle of sound. This angle can be expanded with a cluster configuration.

Supercluster line-array or cluster setup possible
UX Pro Audio Supercluster monocoque enclosure

Trapezoid monocoque enclosure

The angle of the enclosure is 28 degrees per side. The monocoque enclosure is made of laser cutted 5 mm. aluminium and finished with a polyester coating.

Contains 4 ergonomically positioned integrated handles (2 per side).

The units can be arranged up to 24 pieces which results in 8,5 m. height.

12 inch multi-ply enclosure units

The 12 inch high sensitivity speakers are each mounted in their own separate enclosure unit and are equipped with a phase-plug that makes an efficient flow into the shape of the enclosure possible, resulting in a flat frequency response.

The units are supplied with Neutrik speak-on connectors on the inside to enable easy assembly and disassembly for servicing.

Fully mounted with stainless steel, all metric screw-thread.

UX Pro Audio Supercluster multiply wooden enclosures

Technical specifications (preliminary)

Frequency range (-10 dB) 50 Hz. – 20 kHz
Horizontal coverage 110º
Power capacity

high            810 W. AES @ 2 Ohm 
mid-low     1400 W. AES @ 4 Ohm


high            9x neodymium compression driver with 72,2 mm. diaphragm and exit of 36 mm.
mid-low     2x weatherproof high-power 12″ driver with 4″ voice coil

Cross-over frequency 800 Hz. 24 dB/octave



Enclosure specifications

Dimensions H 350 x W 1070 x D 825 mm.
H 13,78 x W 42,13 x D 32,48 inch
Connectors Aluminium connection panel with 2x 8-pole Neutrik speak-on metal version
Rigging L-Track integrated rigging with safety factor 5

Aluminium monocoque enclosure with waterproof birch 18 mm. multi (13)ply wood cabinets.

Finish Polyester coating and Polyurea coating for the cabinets
  Fully mounted with stainless steel, all metric screw-thread
Weight 82 kg. / 181 lbs.



UX Pro Audio Supercluster topframe rigging

Supercluster rigging bar

UX Pro Audio Supercluster dolley transport

Supercluster dolley

UX Pro Audio amp-rack

Supercluster amp-rack

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