About UX Pro Audio

UX Pro Audio is a high-end manufacturer and development company of professional loudspeaker systems. We love to realise solutions for problems that users in the pro audio field are facing. Doing this we aim for high quality, ease of use and a long life of the products.

Problems are challenges

There are plenty of challenges to be found in the audio field:

  • What system is best to use in which situation?
  • What are the pros and cons of certain concepts?
  • Why does a certain system sounds perfect on one location and can’t do any good in another situation?

Besides our current solutions we’re always interested in new challenges. What problem would you like to see solved? Feel free to contact us!


Together you come a long way, new innovation and development of products arise by sharing experience and opinions. We’re open for collaborations and sharing knowledge between companies, thereby complementing each other to create new innovative solutions in a faster and better way.

Within the UX Pro Audio network are several high-tech companies, each with their own specialism. Together with them it’s possible to solve many special needs.